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  • Sara Vars

Krystal + Daniel :: Cloisters Castle, Lutherville, MD

Krystal and Daniel's wedding was so incredible! It all took place at the Cloisters Castle in Lutherville, MD. It was the perfect venue for their Game of Thrones themed wedding, complete with swords, falcons, doves, fur stoles and cloaks, and an awesome bridal party to go with it! Even Kelly (their wedding coordinator) dressed up like a ninja (#theweddingninja) and Jeff (the DJ) dressed up like a knight! Krystal's mother officiated the wedding and Daniel's father was the sword bearer.

Though there was a threat of rain all day, the ceremony was outside in the courtyard with the castle as the backdrop. During the vows, a raven flew down and landed on Daniel's arm delivering the rings. Then, at the end of their ceremony, they released doves which was magical! Their reception was just as amazing and the celebration continued on the dance floor, making the evening memorable night for all! Congratulations Krystal and Daniel!!

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