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  • Sara Vars

Carly + Alex :: Private Home, Annapolis, MD

Carly and Alex rented a home near Annapolis, MD to host their wedding. They found the greatest location on the water with amazing views. The forecast was rain mixed with torrential storms all day (literally 90 percent chance all day). Surprisingly, the rain held off until late in the evening and then we got buckets of rain.

Their wedding day was just fantastic though! They planned it in such a way that their guests could mingle, relax and just enjoy being together with great food, music and beverages. Carly's mother made the cake (I could've eaten three pieces myself and don't usually care much for cake), they bought local, in-season flowers and designed their bouquets, and her brothers used copper pipes to build her arches and even decorated them. I love it when brides use their creative skills! Their wedding was a reflection of their style. Her goal was to break away from tradition and that they did. The evening ended with Carly doing a couple of pull-ups (seriously the best). Congratulations Carly and Alex!

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