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  • Sara Vars

Melissa + Joe : The Big Red Barn, Annapolis, MD

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Melissa and Joe were married on the water at the Big Red Barn, a venue with the feeling of a secret get-away, nestled in an Annapolis, MD neighborhood. Their wedding celebration was intimate, cozy, rustic and warm with friends, family, kids, games and the most delicious food and drinks.

Melissa showed me the charms that hung from her bouquet in remembrance of her father and brother. She had unexpectedly lost her brother just months before her wedding. Major events following the loss of someone close are extraordinarily difficult, the unexplained emptiness is palpable.

There were kids running around on the lawn, playing their version of corn-hole, nerf guns pointed at me periodically, guests mingling about, and that tingling warmth of being around those whom you love.

After dinner, Joe and his daughter surprised everyone with a father/daughter dance. The masterful deejays drew the guests to the dance floor and the celebration continued. Congratulations Melissa and Joe!

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