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  • Sara Vars

Kara + Scott : Philip Merrill Foundation

When I showed up to meet Kara in her suite, she was beaming. Her bridesmaids had given her a box that read, "Home is wherever I am with you" with all kinds of thoughtful gifts tucked inside. Hugs were exchanged and the excitement kept building. We moved onto the Philip Merrill Foundation in Annapolis, MD where the day would unfold.

Stephanie hung out with the guys and perfectly captured the interaction with Scott and his best little man, groomsmen and even the jeep.

Their families were so welcoming and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. The day was simply incredible. All of the details came together to form a light and airy, beachside wedding on the Chesapeake Bay. The flowers, weather, music, and food were some of the best! Enjoy!

Hair & Make-up: Behind the Veil

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