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  • Sara Vars

Debbie + Steve : The Belvedere

Steve and Debbie met in spring 2009. Debbie was performing a modeling routine in a fashion show and Steve was a prop in the routine (He just stood there). They were on the stage together for less than five minutes and in that brief period of time a connection was formed. They made small talk and laughed at the fact that they had no idea what to do and how nothing went according to plan. After the show, they parted ways. A couple of months later Steve and Deborah bumped into each other again. And this time, all the stars had aligned and they started to date.

On April 24, 2014, after five years of being in a relationship, Steve proposed to Deborah in front of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

July 10, 2016, they tied the knot at the Belvedere in Baltimore, MD. It was a gorgeous setting for their formal wedding!

Congratulations Debbie and Steve and may you live happily ever after!!

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