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April + Will : Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery, Thurmont, MD

April and Will had the most amazing wedding at Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery. I drove up and a band was playing blues for some folks enjoying their wine.

They chose to keep it simple without a bridal party, so they each had their own space and time to get ready on their own. April had decorated her platform sandals (which were totally awesome) and she had also done all of the lettering on all of the signage. Apparently, a cricut is a mighty handy tool. I had no idea you could do so much with one of those!

They both have endured great loss, both losing their mothers. April wanted to wear something that belonged to her mom, so she had a necklace refashioned into a beautiful bracelet to wear. A charm attached to her bouquet that held a photo of her mother. Will's boutonniere included a photo of his mother delicately held in a charm. It was moving.

The mountains were a backdrop to their ceremony which was breathtaking! The reception rocked with delicious food, great music and some serious dancing! Congratulations April and Will!

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