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Mr. + Mrs. O : St. Paul's + Savage Mill

Mr. & Mrs. O come from families of service. It was moving to see how many faces among those invited had also served our country. Mrs. O wore her mother's garter and attached to her bouquet was a pin that had belonged to her grandmother. The pearl earrings that she wore were a gift from Mr. O. Her father's face was beaming as he walked her down the aisle and she held tightly to his arm. I glanced back to see her mother brush a tear from her eye as she watched her daughter walk the aisle. The ceremony was memorable. Father Kevin's sense of humor allowed everyone the freedom to laugh and yet he skillfully wove a serious thread throughout reminding us that marriage can and should last a lifetime. He urged us to keep the family together. It was beautiful. Mr. & Mrs. O were saluted by the saber arch and then everyone moved over to the reception at Savage Mill where the party began...

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